Q How do I book a party?

Email us a or go to the Book A Party page.

Q How far in advance do I have to book?

We book on a first come, first serve basis and cannot guarantee availability. We encourage you to book as far in advance as possible.

Q Food Truck or Trailer?

We can bring out the truck or the trailer. The pizza truck is an enclosed space where we stretch the dough, top the pizza, and cook the pizza all inside the truck. There is a large window that you can see us working. With the trailer the oven is outside on the trailer.  So you get to see more of the making of the pizza and interact with us.

Q How far will you travel?

We charge $3 per mile over 30 miles roundtrip.

Q When do you need to know our final count?

One week prior to your party.

Q Do you have any other food besides pizza?

Yes. Email us and ask for other event menu options.

Q Can you bring pizzas inside?

Yes we can bring pizzas into the house, a tent, or other covered area.

Q Can you pull up to my garage?

We can pull up close to a building or garage, but we cannot pull inside a building because of our chimney.

Q Can you park on the street in front of my house?

We can park in the street, as long as the road is level and there is room for our prep tables with the trailer option.

Q What are the truck dimensions?

34′ long, 8′ wide, and 14′ high (Path should be 10′ wide and 14′ high– no low hanging trees or wires in path to get to where you want it to be parked)

QWhere can you park the truck or the trailer?

We have to stay on level ground, preferably on concrete or asphalt.

Q What are the trailer dimensions?

We pull the trailer with a Freightliner which is 25′ long. The trailer is about 8 feet wide, and 20 feet long, the height with the chimney is 12 feet high. So the total length is about 45 feet long.

Email us at if you have any questions.